Any digital content that you wish to use, such as PDF, Word docs and Web Links can be easily attached to any indexed program. You can even add attachments to specific index points — the choice is yours.

Why Is It Important?

Supporting documents or links add another level to the rich media viewing experience, providing viewers with the next-best thing to actually being at the meeting.

Imagine that one of your viewers is passionate about bicycling and learns that the city has been considering adding bicycle lanes to a few roads. From your web site, they can search your archives and find not only the meeting(s) in which the topic was discussed, but jump to an exact agenda item(s). Since you attached the PDF of the paving contractor’s proposal to the index point, the viewer is able to be fully engaged in the process!




Included in all OnDemand packages!

How It Works

Upload as many digital attachments as you like and simply select the attachment icon to include them in your index point. Already have documentation on your web site? No problem! You can create a quick web link that directs the viewer there. No need to duplicate efforts.