Closed Captioning

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If you’re already adding Closed Captioning for your cable television programing, then you can easily bring those same features to the web. EarthChannel can easily add Closed Captions for your Live and OnDemand media and even enable full search and transcript capability.

Why Is It Important

Closed Captioning is the gold standard of outreach and viewer engagement in that it enables those that are deaf or hard of hearing, who would otherwise be excluded, to participate and engage with your media.


Pricing is based on the level of closed captioning chosen and the size of the municipality. Options include:

  • CC for Live Streaming
  • CC for On-Demand
  • CC for Search Import and Integration

How It Works

We follow the Line 21 industry standard, so Closed Captions are captured at the encoder and included in the stream and/or OnDemand file. When a viewer selects the “CC” icon in the media player, the captions appear below the video.

If you have chosen to include Closed Captions for your OnDemand channel, you can also download your captions in a transcript format in several industry standard formats.

Lastly, if you choose to import your captions into Rich Search, you now enable full searching of both your indexed media and all captioned content. It’s the ultimate search tool!