Indexing Service

Let EarthChannel Do The Indexing

EarthChannel indexes your meetings either during or after the meeting is over and provides a completely indexed event ready for viewing.

Why Is It Important?
EarthChannel’s Indexing service eliminates 90% of the labor in producing professional and easily accessible meeting videos. Your staff is not burdened with additional tasks, yet your viewers have all the benefits of professionally indexed meetings. It’s the best of both worlds: open government without the need for any additional work!

How it Works
EarthChannel offers two levels of our indexing service. You can have your meetings indexed in real time and available minutes after the meeting is complete, or you can choose to have your meetings indexed after the fact and published within two business days.

Real-Time Indexing
Schedule an event and upload the meeting agenda, plus any attachments via their web-based dashboard control panel at least 72-hrs prior to a meeting. EarthChannel staff will view the meeting as it’s occurring and create appropriate index points and attachments for all agenda items. When completed, the session is ready for review and publishing.

Post-Event Indexing
Once your meeting is complete, simply upload the video file, agenda, and any attachments via the web-based dashboard control. EarthChannel will properly index the meeting based on the supplied agenda. When completed, you will be notified that the session is ready for review and publishing. Publishing is quick and simple – only a few clicks and the entire indexed meeting is available!