Media Indexing

index points

Indexing allows the integration of an agenda or other meaningful data with specific points in time for media. Your viewers can jump to the exact agenda item or portion of the program of interest and enjoy a rich media experience.

Why It’s Important

Indexed media provides your viewers quick access to specific portions within any program. For longer-form content, such as public meetings or educational programs, indexing makes lengthy content accessible at whatever level of granularity you wish. It’s also great for decreasing time spent servicing FOIA requests, too!

Media Indexing


The following are examples of fully indexed media, courtesy of their respective publisher.


Included in all OnDemand packages!

How It Works

Simply log into your EarthChannel dashboard and begin indexing your OnDemand media, quickly and easily. You’re able to create unlimited index points, or “jump-to’s” within your media. There’s no editing involved. You’re simply bookmarking specific segments occurring within in your media.

For example, if you have an archive of a council meeting, you can create an index point for each item on the agenda. Simply copy and paste the information and then publish! Viewers can now quickly see and select that exact information.