Server Side Recording

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Our optional Server Side Recording (SSR) feature provides the industry’s most efficient means of creating OnDemand media from Live content. With SSR, you control the recording/archiving process directly on the EarthChannel server. At the conclusion of a Live event, your OnDemand program is ready to be published in just a few seconds.

Why Is It Important?

  1. It saves time.
    Typically, Live content is recorded (or archived) locally on the your encoder and then uploaded. This can be a time and bandwidth consuming task. A live 5-hour meeting may require several additional hours (depending on your upload speed) to upload a locally-archived file to the distribution servers. With SSR you no longer need to upload media — it’s already on the server as soon as the live event is concluded.
  2. It allows non-video personnel more control of their meeting.
    Once the cameras are running, any staff member can start and stop the recording process with the push of a single button. This is ideal for fixed-camera environments and allows even non-technical staff members full control of the video archive for their meeting.

Server Side Record


Pricing is based on the size of your community and billed annually.

How It Works

Before a meeting or program starts, you can trigger a remote recording directly on the distribution server by clicking a single button found within your EarthChannel dashboard. While the program is airing live, an archive is captured directly into your EarthChannel VOD area. Upon completion, there’s nothing to upload — viewers can now view your program within a few seconds of completion of the event.