Hardware Included

All Live Stream accounts include an EarthChannel Encoder, either SD or HD. There’s no hardware to purchase, no support contract to worry with, no upgrade fees, and no worries. Should there be an issue with the encoder or when we release an upgrade that requires new hardware, you’ll simply receive a new encoder!

The EarthChannel Encoder is a finely tuned appliance positioned within your network to create and deliver your live media to EarthChannel. Continual monitoring and maintenance are performed by EarthChannel to ensure maximum dependability.

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What’s An Encoder?

An encoder is a hardware device designed to digitally compress your media and make it web friendly. Standard video is simply too large for the Internet. By using the EarthChannel Encoder, your Live media will be digitally converted and compressed so it can be easily viewed on the Internet by desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Providing high-quality, dependable streaming with the most efficient use of bandwidth resources is a daunting task. Further, an ideal encoding device allows fast, efficient integration, remote control/monitoring, and updates to ensure a trouble-free, streaming experience. A great deal of time and effort was dedicated to developing an encoder to accomplish these goals. The resultant EarthChannel Encoder provides one of the industry’s highest quality, most dependable and expandable streaming appliances — automatically included!

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What If I Don’t Need A Live Stream?

In that case, an encoder is not required. You can use various 3rd party software packages to convert your media to the proper streaming parameters. The EarthChannel Encoder is for Live Streaming, so if you choose a SOLO-VOD Package, there’s no need for any hardware and your EarthChannel package is less expensive as a result.

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Live & OnDemand; SD or HD

The EarthChannel Encoder enables you to webcast 24/7, or only when you have an event or meeting. You can also create your OnDemand media from the same stream. Once your event is complete, simply click a single button to upload your file to your account in the EarthChannel cloud.

If you choose a COMPLETE SD Package, or any HD Plus or Complete package, your live programs can be simultaneously recorded directly on EarthChannel’s distribution servers in the cloud as they are streamed ‘live’, eliminating the need for any file uploads.

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Easy Setup

When you sign up with EarthChannel, we’ll email a form that will provide us with all the information we need. Once the form is returned, your EarthChannel Encoder will arrive at your door in a few days, pre-configured and ready to stream. Simply plug in your audio, video, and network connections and we’ll take care of the rest. It’s as simple as hooking up a DVD player. Our SD encoder provides analog stereo audio and composite video connections.  Our HD encoder provides SDI and HDMI inputs. If you don’t require HD streaming but only have HDMI or SDI video, we can convert those signals for use with our SD encoder.

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Encoder Control From The Cloud

Although you may have an EarthChannel appliance within your network, you don’t have to be at work in order to access and control it — all of the controls are built into the EarthChannel’s web-based Dashboard software. This means that you can start-and-stop your stream, create OnDemand files, and trigger uploads from virtually anywhere.

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Local Streaming Included

With this feature enabled, viewers on desktop computers within the network do not require Internet bandwidth in order to view your live stream. Instead, your EarthChannel encoder will stream directly from inside your network. IT Administrators love this feature because it frees up Internet bandwidth for other services, while delivering a high-quality stream to internal viewers. Best of all – it’s included at no additional charge!

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Fully-Managed Service

Since your hardware is included as part of your service, the EarthChannel team will monitor it 24/7 to ensure maximum dependability. All updates and maintenance are included in your plan and carried out by the EarthChannel staff. Should something happen to your Encoder, we’ll simply send you a pre-configured replacement!