Company History

EarthChannel Communications, Inc. (ECC), an employee-owned, debt-free Georgia corporation, was founded in 1995 with a primary goal of integrating audio and video with the Internet. ECC helped pioneer digital media on the Internet in the ’90s and began providing streaming media services to municipalities in 1998 in an effort to help foster open government.
We developed some of the first streaming audio encoders in 1996, video encoders in 1998, introduced flat-rate pricing in 2002, indexed video in 2003, and one of the first cloud-based portals in 2006. We continue to evolve and expand our media streaming capabilities and technologies.

Today, ECC’s server farm is connected to the Internet via multiple “big pipes” for uncompromised scalability. Any of our clients can instantly burst up to over 6000 viewers. With a focus on advanced technology and excellent customer service, EarthChannel has grown to be one of the oldest and most successful privately-owned streaming organizations in the industry.