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With the click of a button, you can enable any of your programs to be available via Podcast, in audio and/or video format. Your programs are quickly converted and made available to your viewers without any extra tedious work.

Why Is It Important?

Your viewers can now watch your programs on their schedule and on their preferred device. With a podcast, your media can now be downloaded and played back locally on a viewer’s computer or mobile media device.


Price based on municipality size

How It Works

When publishing an On-Demand program, simply check the box for podcast and your program will be transcoded into the appropriate format automatically. No additional files to upload and no additional work on your part. In a few seconds, your audio and/or video podcast will be available.

Your viewers subscribe to your podcast(s) and when new programs are available, they are downloaded directly to their local computer. Once downloaded, the viewer can watch your programs at their leisure. They can also transfer them to a mobile device so they can enjoy your content away from their desk.