One of the best ways to see how the EarthChannel ecosystem works is to look at one of our many customers actively using our services. Below are a few links directly to customer’s web sites where you can see first hand just how our tools integrate into your web site.

Live Streaming

Your Live player embeds directly into your website, complete with custom graphics, just like the Gwinnett County, GA player on the right. You can stream 24/7, or only when you have an event happening. The choice is yours.

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Video On Demand

Much like your Live Player, your Video OnDemand Archive can be embedded into your web site as well. After a one-time copy-and-paste, your events appear automatically on your web site when you publish them via the EarthChannel software. Below is an example of the OnDemand Archive for James City County, VA.

For other examples, please choose from the list below:

HD OnDemand

HD OnDemand is an add-on that allows for User Definable profiles in both size and data-rate… perfect for programs that run less than 30 minutes. And as with all EarthChannel media services, players are available in 4:3 and 16:9 formats. Your HD OnDemand media integrated directly into your archive, such as this example, which is from Yuma County, AZ or you can embed them directly into your web site as you can see below courtesy of Iowa City, IA


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