Media Management for Government Streaming

EarthChannel is a unique ecosystem which allows you to easily stream your meetings Live and/or offer OnDemand programs directly from your web site. This 100% cloud-based solution provides you with an online toolbox specifically created for open government. Streaming is available in Standard Definition (SD) or High Definition (HD).

Municipalities love EarthChannel because of our advanced features, speed, flat-rate pricing, and excellent service. Constituents love the service because it allows efficient participation in the governmental process. It’s truly Open Government Made Easy.

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Does It Work On Mobile? Yes!

With the EarthChannel media suite, your content can easily be viewed on mobile devices — no app required! Now iPads, iPhones, Android devices… even Kindle Fire users can view your programming quickly and easily. EarthChannel takes care of all the “heavy lifting” to deliver your media to any modern mobile device that supports web and media standards. Learn More »

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Live Streaming: SD or HD

Stream live media directly from your web site. Simply embed your custom Live Player with a one-time copy and paste process and easily control your stream from the EarthChannel software. Live video, digital billboards, even pre-recorded program content can be simulcast from your cable channel. Or, only enable your stream when the meeting is in session — the choice is yours. The best part? Hardware is included!

OnDemand Media

Video On Demand: SD or HD

With the pace of today’s lifestyle, we can’t always be present at the exact time a meeting or event is being held. By adding an OnDemand Archive to your site, you allow your viewers to engage your content at their convenience. A customized player launches directly from your web site and provides viewers with video and any additional data you might wish to add, such as index points and attachments.

Encoder Included

Hardware Included: SD or HD

All accounts which include a Live Stream also include the EarthChannel Encoder! Our encoder is an appliance which connects to your network to deliver your live media to EarthChannel, while giving you the flexibility to manage your stream from the cloud. Monitoring and maintenance are performed by EarthChannel to ensure maximum uptime. In addition, you can easily create your OnDemand content directly from your Live Stream. Learn More »

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For longer-form content, like public meetings or educational programs, indexing makes lengthy media accessible at whatever level of granularity you wish. Typically, you’ll use the meeting agenda as a template to create “jump-to points” so viewers can easily advance through your meeting to the desired items.


Real-Time Indexing

OnDemand indexing is included in all accounts, but you can add Real-Time Indexing when you choose an SD Complete Package or any HD Plus or Complete package. It is the ultimate in streamlined workflows, allowing you to index your meetings as they are happening with a single click per segment. At the end of a live meeting, you’re just a couple of clicks from having your meeting published. No more uploading. No after-the-fact indexing. Live meetings can be available in indexed form just seconds after adjournment.

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Widen Your Options

All EarthChannel accounts feature support for standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) media. With the simple flip-of-a-switch, you can choose the proper format for your video, supporting both formats without having to compromise. Widescreen support is available for both Live and VideoOnDemand players.


Attachments, EC-Agenda, & Digital Packets

Any digital content that you wish to use, such as PDF, Word docs and Web Links can be easily attached to any indexed program. You can even add attachments to specific index points — the choice is yours. Supporting documents or links add another level to the rich media viewing experience, providing viewers with the next-best thing to actually being at the meeting.
A sophisticated agenda management integration is included with all HD VOD, HD Plus/Complete packages. EC-Agenda includes drag ‘n drop ordering for agenda items, plus digital agenda packet creation and downloads. EC-Agenda is also available as a separate tool for those who do not desire video streaming. Call for details… 678-935-9103.

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100% Cloud Based

EarthChannel is a 100% cloud-based ecosystem, which allows you to manage your Live and OnDemand media from anywhere. There is no software to install, manage, or update. Simply log into EarthChannel with any modern web browser to take control of your media.


Let’sGet Started

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