Audio Simulcasts


An audio-only simulcast adds greater flexibility and outreach to low-bandwidth and mobile users. As a simulcast, viewers can choose to listen in instead of watching and mobile users can now stay in touch without being limited by their carrier’s data network. Listening to your live events via the iPhone has never been easier!

Why Is It Important?

An audio simulcast addresses two key areas:

  1. Mobile Users
    mobile devices, such as the iPhone, are in use more now than ever. By providing an audio simulcast, you allow mobile users the ability to tune in, anywhere, any time.
  2. Internal Users
    If you’re in a low-bandwidth situation, such as a crowded office building or city hall, streaming high-quality video may not always be practical. With our audio simulcast, you can deliver your important live programming at a fraction of the bandwidth required for video.
Audio Simulcasts


A live example of the audio simulcast can be seen at this link, courtesy of the Office of Cable Television, District of Columbia.


It’s included in all packages !

How It Works

On your encoder, you simply create an additional profile for a 16k audio-only stream. We’ll create the new channel and provide you with the necessary buttons, and easy-to-follow instructions for your web site.