RSS Feeds

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RSS feeds allow your viewers to easily stay informed by retrieving the latest information from the sites in which they are interested. They save time by not needing to visit each site individually. Now you can update your viewers and let them know when new media has been published automatically.

Why It’s Important

Draw more traffic to your web site and make it easier for your viewers to stay up-to-date. Instead of relying on viewers to remember to return to your web site to see when it’s been updated, viewers can now subscribe to your OnDemand Library and be notified instantly. The next time you publish a program, your viewers are alerted via RSS automatically!


It’s included in all packages !

How It Works

Every time you publish a new program on your Video-On-Demand archive, your RSS feeds are updated automatically. There’s nothing else to do! Your viewers will be notified that there has been an update in their RSS Reader. To watch the media, they simply click a link and they are brought back to your web site.

RSS feeds are included in every player, but you can also add the links to your feeds on your web site as well. We’ll provide you with the images and code necessary to add the subscription button on your web site.