Live Streaming

Open 27/7

EarthChannel makes live web programming easy and affordable. If you are already broadcasting via a cable channel, you can simulcast your programming to the web 24/7. PEG entities qualify for our flat-rate annual pricing — no overage charges or monthly fees!

Why Is It Important?

Reach everyone — cable, DSL, satellite and even dial-up users. The access provided by your local cable provider only reaches a portion of your potential audience. Streaming your programming live via your web site ensures the broadest reach possible.


The following is a random example of a current full-production live stream. If you’d like to see another example, simply refresh this page.


Flat Rate PricingOur flat-rate pricing for PEG providers starts at $1995 per year. Pricing is based on the size of your community and billed annually. This provides you with an accurate and reliable budget without skimping on features.

For corporate and ministry customers, our tiered pricing begins at $100 per month and is billed monthly.

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How Does It Work?

Live video, digital billboards and even pre-recorded program content can be streamed from your local encoder. We offer turn-key encoding packages or you can customize your own solution. We’re here to help.