Real Time Indexing

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With Real Time Indexing (RTI), you have the power to record and index your meeting in real-time. As your meeting is happening, you create the ‘start’ and ‘stop’ points for each agenda item as they occur. When the meeting is finished, so is your index session. Just a few mouse clicks and your meeting is published.

Why Is It Important?

It’s the ultimate in streamlined workflows. Live Indexing allows you to specify index points on Live Media – as it’s happening. At the end of a live meeting, a couple of mouse clicks and your meeting is published — that’s it! No more uploading. No after-the-fact indexing. Live meetings can be available in indexed form just seconds after completion. Note: Live Indexing also includes ServerSide Record.


Pricing is based on the size of your community and billed annually.

How It Works

Real Time Indexing includes Server Side Recording but adds the additional indexing features needed. Once you’ve started a SSR event, simply add index points to your media the same as you would pre-recorded OnDemand content. You can create all of your index points ahead of time, or create them on-the-fly — the choice is yours.