Easy Media Management

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Uploading media doesn’t have to be a hassle. Just fire up your browser and upload / manage your media. With EarthChannel’s web-based control dashboard, you have full control over your content — from upload to the finished published program.

Why Is It Important?

You don’t have to use unfamiliar tools that have to be installed and configured to manage your content. With a single password you have access to the full suite of EarthChannel services, including online media management. Manage files with just a few clicks of your mouse. Of course if you do prefer using an FTP client, we support that too!


Media Management


It’s included in all OnDemand packages!

How It Works

Simply log into your EarthChannel account and quickly and easily browse and upload your media. Since there’s no software to install, all the tools you need to manage your media are built in.

Of course, if you prefer using an FTP client, you always have that option available as well, but it is not required.